Helping patients regain independence is our ultimate goal. In our Rehab at Home program, an individualized plan is developed for each patient after a clinical evaluation. Our clinicians coordinate services for the management of acute and chronic diseases including congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and cerebral vascular accident. Our clinical team uses therapeutic skills to assist the patient in improving strength, mobility, balance, swallowing and communication disorders.

Physical therapy services to restore and maintain maximum musculoskeletal functions. Whether it is a hip fracture, a sprain, or an unsteady gait, our therapists specialize in helping patients restore their confidence and their ability to ambulate by themselves throughout their living environment.

Occupational therapy : Occupational Therapists evaluate the patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living, determine hindrances to independence, and develop programs that help teach energy conservation and restore function.Patients who have had a stroke or cardiac episode, spinal cord injury, orthopedic surgery or arthritis can all benefit from occupational therapy services

Speech therapy assists in improving swallowing disorders and the communicative activities of daily living